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24 May 2011

Wow! I know I'm late the party, just getting to the May 11 issue of Harper's Bazaar but, better late than never right?! These Thierry Mugler shoes Lady Gagais wearing are insane!! And the fishnet tights make the look on the foot all the better. Love!!

20 May 2011

Inspired: Elle Magazine May 11 No. 309

Black Kid upper. Black Satin Gore straps with black Kid overlays
and Nickel snaps at ankle.
Organic jute wrapped wedge. Trapunta Kid suede upper, off-white
with black Grosgrain lacing.

Mauve Patent Leather upper with small silver buckle.
Self covered heel with sliver of "mirror" at center back.

17 May 2011

More on the mid-heel... S/S edition

It's no secret from the sketches that I'm a sucker for a sky high heel but more and more in my everyday life I've become all about the mid! I mean, in a city that's all about walking and public transportation, it's a wonder what takes some of us --like ME-- so long to come around! That high heel love runs deep; 5 summers in NYC lugging around a too big bag just to carry a pair flats to change in to when your feet can no longer take the bar hopping NYC summers call for or traipsing to the train in too high wedges only to work up a pre-subway-sweat before you even reach the dutch oven and steaming pavement of the platform. Don't get me wrong, if I was still living in a house to car to office to evening kind of city these words I would probably never utter so this post is especially for the STC crowd, Summer in the City girls. 
So in my opinion, of course, Givenchy is doing it best and this what I want to be wearing! Plenty of daytime sexy for the awesome summer days ahead as soon as this windy-rainy BS that's going on in NYC right now stops...

Givenchy, studded suede sandal, 90mm pitch.

Givenchy, Aurora ankle strap sandal, 90mm.

Givenchy, Lecrezia gladiator sandal, 65mm.

Givenchy, Lecrezia peep toe bootie, 65mm.

13 May 2011

Sketching after dark...

It's been awhile and I can feel a brainstorm coming on. We're working on Spring '12 and I'm here late for the second Friday night in a row! But once it's done-- soon and very soon- I'll have some good shoe porn for you; I could use a good release. For now a quickie before I leave the office... xoxo
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