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01 August 2011

22 June 2011

The Perfect Black Sandal hunt stops here!! Perfection! Seasonless!! All day wearability! Prada!

05 June 2011

The Great Wedge Hunt... Just ordered 3 options from Saks, looking for the perfect for me black all-day-wearable wedge sandal for summer. Im wearing out my fav lace-up Anne Demuelemeester's and i cant have that! The Givenchy ankle wrap (front and center) I love love love! Nice leather everything and on sale at Saks for $272.9 only prob they don't fit well. Lol.  I have thin feet and I guess a below average instep, i.e. flat feet, making strappy high sandals such a challenge! Ugh, straps are too lose my feet slide through the front... My never ending saga with sandal season. Anyway the next option is a 70's inspired rampy wood wedge and simple upper from Joie. No compaints here! Good height and great fit. Also very light weight compared to last season's Chloe wedge which I think helped spark this trend. So, it's between this and the last option up top on the right, an Elizabeth and James cork wedge with suede upper. It's a little more foot coverage than I was looking for but when I modeled all for the BF this got the biggest reaction! He said my legs look good wearing all but best in these which, is always a good thing to me. With a 1 1/4 platform and 4 1/2 inch wedge the burden on your feet is a reasonable 3 1/4 ( I yeah shoe girls do good math). Good height, fit, and reaction this might be the winner!Sent from my iPhone.

24 May 2011

Wow! I know I'm late the party, just getting to the May 11 issue of Harper's Bazaar but, better late than never right?! These Thierry Mugler shoes Lady Gagais wearing are insane!! And the fishnet tights make the look on the foot all the better. Love!!

20 May 2011

Inspired: Elle Magazine May 11 No. 309

Black Kid upper. Black Satin Gore straps with black Kid overlays
and Nickel snaps at ankle.
Organic jute wrapped wedge. Trapunta Kid suede upper, off-white
with black Grosgrain lacing.

Mauve Patent Leather upper with small silver buckle.
Self covered heel with sliver of "mirror" at center back.

17 May 2011

More on the mid-heel... S/S edition

It's no secret from the sketches that I'm a sucker for a sky high heel but more and more in my everyday life I've become all about the mid! I mean, in a city that's all about walking and public transportation, it's a wonder what takes some of us --like ME-- so long to come around! That high heel love runs deep; 5 summers in NYC lugging around a too big bag just to carry a pair flats to change in to when your feet can no longer take the bar hopping NYC summers call for or traipsing to the train in too high wedges only to work up a pre-subway-sweat before you even reach the dutch oven and steaming pavement of the platform. Don't get me wrong, if I was still living in a house to car to office to evening kind of city these words I would probably never utter so this post is especially for the STC crowd, Summer in the City girls. 
So in my opinion, of course, Givenchy is doing it best and this what I want to be wearing! Plenty of daytime sexy for the awesome summer days ahead as soon as this windy-rainy BS that's going on in NYC right now stops...

Givenchy, studded suede sandal, 90mm pitch.

Givenchy, Aurora ankle strap sandal, 90mm.

Givenchy, Lecrezia gladiator sandal, 65mm.

Givenchy, Lecrezia peep toe bootie, 65mm.

13 May 2011

Sketching after dark...

It's been awhile and I can feel a brainstorm coming on. We're working on Spring '12 and I'm here late for the second Friday night in a row! But once it's done-- soon and very soon- I'll have some good shoe porn for you; I could use a good release. For now a quickie before I leave the office... xoxo

22 April 2011

Cleaning out my "closet"...

I'm in China and super busy between working hours but the down time can be tough when I'm not bringing back samples to correct in the hotel room. The first week in the hotel is nice, super nice, I mean who doesn't like a little housekeeping and room service in their life?! However, after the first week or so when you've watched all the movies you hadn't seen and caught up on your favorite series box set you find things to do like cleaning out your camera or iPhone....
Well lookie here at what I found! Some great-- if you ask me even though the quality is not so great-- old sketches. I might try to lighten them up on my way to Hong Kong this weekend since it's a 2 hour drive from where I am. Enjoy and I'll be back stateside next week. 

29 March 2011

Lady-like luxuries...

Photo: Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil blog, behind the scenes at Proenza Schouler F/W 11-12

25 March 2011

Started sketching this beautiful lace and jewel encrusted gem but now its time for my walk home while i have enough light. I won't keep you waiting long before I ink her in, promise! Have a great weekend, over the bridge I go ( these shoes were not made for walking...). Xo... sent from my iPhone

Spring is upon us...

I'm so sorry guys it has been exactly one month since my last post. March is a busy busy time in the footwear industry! We're waist high in Spring development and even though it's still snowing in NYC I've been inspired!
Now, that all work has been submitted to our development team in Asia I have just a moment to breathe.
Unexpectedly this Spring some of my favorite things so far are the 70's inspired "flatforms" and chunky heels, new wedge coverings, and although there is tons of color everywhere I've taken special note of all the nudes and blush tones out and I'm loving it. It's only just the beginning; like that one 70 degree day last week :-)

Chunky wood heel w/ double platform in wood and raw stacked leather.
Upper all raw edge leather, heavy hand waxy stitches, and antique finish hardware.

Natural cork wrap w/ flashes of metallic on platform/heel unit.
Soft nappa twisted upper over instep and raw edge vachetta straps w/ contrast stitches.

Ra Synclair for Shoes n Booze...

Check out the full size images over at Shoes n Booze inspired by some of our favorite cocktails!

25 February 2011

My fab boyfriend bought me these about two years ago and I must say they're the best of any other jelly sandal I've had before and since, designer or not. See by Chloe $130. Looking forward to this summer's new spread of colors maybe it's time for another pair?!

Flipping thru March 2011 Marie Claire on the way to DC having an "I wish I had thought of that moment!" Great looking flat... 

23 February 2011

Inspired: The Very Furriness of Fashion Week

Inspired by this NY Mag slide show it by no means expresses how I feel about Winter right now --just a brie moment in the zone-- because frankly I wish I could stomp all over it and make Spring appear. Maybe that will be the next post, some Spring sketch goodies perhaps inspired by our newly lingering sun set? Yep! If you haven't noticed by now, at least in NYC, it's 5pm and still quite bright outside!

17 February 2011

The airport is def getting a kick out of the shoes This morning! We're headed to LA to find fab shoes, great inspiration, and a wee bit of fun ;-) have a great weekend everyone! And if you're in LA hit me on twitter @OoBabyILikeItRa

16 February 2011

Fun facts! Who wants to take a trip to Minneapolis with me?!

More fun things that one might also find in size 10+ and fun ways to wear them! ----- lucky mag 3/11 pg104-----
Btw, if you can't tell I've learned how to blog from my mobile!!! Yay! I'm excited and having to much fun bc now I can share it all with you but for every post with no title you must excuse all my typos, run-on sentences, and inability to separate paragraphs except for a --. Maybe at the end I'll start typing "Sent from my iPhone"... Sent from my iPhone :-)

Gotta love Heidi Klum!! ------------- lucky mag  3/11 pg 81------------

As I continue to flip through the ad I have my answer! These are the Glo Jaya birdcage high heel bootie $29.99 sold at Kmart stores nationwide.  -- All my readers with +10 shoe sizes I'm sure you already now Payless, Target, and Kmart like stores usually carry 11's, 12's, and sometimes 13's. I'd jump on this cutie bootie!--  I also know you ladies are probably asking why you can only find these sizes readily available in these stores. Well, these stores buy many more pairs of one style, by the tens or even hundreds of thousands, than let's say a Macy's or especially Saks. Therefore, without getting into all the footwear lingo and mumbo jumbo, the bottom line is they can afford to buy larger sizes. It's a more expensive process than one might think, amortization, and that's why brands that have free standing stores as well as retail partnerships with department stores also carry a slightly broader size selection like Nine West for instance.

Word on the "street" for awhile has been that Kmart was stepping up their shoe game. I wonder if these were just used to style the ad or if they will be sold at Kmart? If you can't tell by now I'm definitely a believer in quality not too mention inexpensive shoes just don't look good on my feet. I don't say that as a snide remark by any means but only the truth. I have thin narrow feet and inexpensive shoes are usually made wider to fit more women. Any way these are awfully cute Kmart...

15 February 2011

Paz de la Huerta!... in Mui Mui multi-buckle pumps.  Mm, love them (in my Oprah voice) and wish they came with nude socks or stalkings embossed with her awesome cobra tattoo!

I will have thee!! Balenciaga $1275 Elle 2/11 pg.207  The bottoms are sick!

Come to Mama! Tom Ford beauties on Katie Holmes Elle 2/11 

10 February 2011

In Her Shoes... Celia L Smith

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a fashion editor and designer. I have a blog, a fraction of fashion and a sustainable fashion lifestyle brand, needle+thread, launching Fall 2012. Now tell us something random. I have 6 sisters and no brothers. Now, that's a fashion house for you. How would you describe your personal style? Free flowing. I love soft fabrics and indigenous pieces- there’s always a story behind them. If you were a shoe what kind would you be? These Fendi chiffon wrap platforms [Spring 2010], super delicate and feminine from afar but strongly detailed when you’re up close and personal.
Fendi chiffon wrap
platform sandals
 What’s your first or favorite shoe memory? When I was 15 years old my dad gave me money to go school shopping with my aunts at an outlet mall, there I found what I thought was an amazing buy; a classic pair of Gucci loafers with the horse bit for $150. So I called my sister to consult which is what I usually do and we both agreed it was a score! Unfortunately, my aunts didn't think so. Who’s your favorite footwear designer? Miuccia Prada. She's a true artist, consistently amazing with Prada and always out-of-the-box with Miu Miu. Heels, under 4 inches or above? Both, I've learned the hard way that you must be practical and 5 inches on cobblestone or walking around NYC pavement all day isn't. I've also come to appreciate a cute modest 3" heel. What’s the most you’ve paid for a single pair of shoes? I've never paid more than $200 for a shoe, and I'm talking well-made designer shoes. I'm a great bargain hunter, and an amazing deal always feels better than guilty pleasure. How much is too much? When you're debt outweighs your savings. I understand that for some having merely one pair is a simple luxury [see Toms shoes]. How many pairs of shoes do you own? About 50. I have limited space, so I have to recycle and give away before I can add anymore. I have enough sisters so they find a new home easily. Have you ever worn the same pair two or more days in a row? Absolutely. I've learn to do what makes me happy, and if wearing my favorite pair of shoes until they're worn out and require a visit to the cobbler [which I've been known to do] makes me happy, then that's exactly what I'll do. Socks with sandals, do or don’t? Yes, it's great for transitioning seasonal footwear. Where’s your favorite place(s) to shop for shoes? Currently eBay. What’s your ultimate shoe find or bargain? Navy crocodile Prada sandals on bamboo stilts, they're work of art. Sample sale find for $150, if I remember correctly. Red, yellow, blue, green or black? Red. I once tried on a pair of red suede platform ankle booties by Brian Atwood during a Saks sale, but had to part with them. They left a lasting impression. Describe your perfect pump? My platform Miu Miu's. They’re super non-conventional and really comfortable. I call them my George Jetson shoes; they're navy and black pointed platforms with a sculpted heel that look like stacked cones. 
Celia's fav Miu Miu pumps
Suno platforms
Traveling for a week how many pairs do you pack? 3-4. Tell us about your most treasured pair? Currently my black and white cap-toe Chanel pumps. They're classic Chanel without any logo or label, but you’ll definitely know exactly what they are. They speak for themselves. Chocolate, shoes, or sex? Chocolate. Flourless chocolate cake to be exact. Anyone who knows me best knows I'm a foodie. I can live without the other two. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and what shoes would you be wearing? On the beach, next to an ocean, wearing Suno's new shoe line of sky high platforms made in Kenya using native fabrics; my feet up on a beach chair of course, and not sinking in the sand. 
A few of Celia's favs and other ultimate finds...
Baby blue suede Manolo Blahnik bow pumps.
First shoe sample sale purchase.

Christian Louboutin lace sling backs and
Kate Spade mules.

DKNY colorful heeled sneakers.

Givenchy, bought these for
dirt cheap from a
woman selling her belongings
on the street in Soho, 25 bucks.
Christian Louboutin orange patent leather pumps
with mirrored heels.
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