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16 February 2011

As I continue to flip through the ad I have my answer! These are the Glo Jaya birdcage high heel bootie $29.99 sold at Kmart stores nationwide.  -- All my readers with +10 shoe sizes I'm sure you already now Payless, Target, and Kmart like stores usually carry 11's, 12's, and sometimes 13's. I'd jump on this cutie bootie!--  I also know you ladies are probably asking why you can only find these sizes readily available in these stores. Well, these stores buy many more pairs of one style, by the tens or even hundreds of thousands, than let's say a Macy's or especially Saks. Therefore, without getting into all the footwear lingo and mumbo jumbo, the bottom line is they can afford to buy larger sizes. It's a more expensive process than one might think, amortization, and that's why brands that have free standing stores as well as retail partnerships with department stores also carry a slightly broader size selection like Nine West for instance.

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