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27 January 2011


A very good friend of mine sent me a link this morning to Rachel Zoe's blog her message was plainly "the bookends."

You can see why she thought of me!

It's funny these are so perfect for me not only because I simply LOVE shoes and have tons of well integrated shoe objects in my home but it reminds so much of how I got started in the shoes business. I was, the shoe girl on campus. That girl that kept her books stacked on her dorm room floor and her shoes on the bookshelves. That reputation on campus is how I was introduced to an Alumni who designed shoes and the rest is, well, history in the making...

Bookends found at Lunares Home $115 and $69 respectively.
(photos: LunaresHome.com)

25 January 2011

Snow Day!

Not really, but I do have big beautiful windows in my 16th floor office to watch it all come down and inspire me!

Rubber bottom snow boot with wheeled welt, molded rubber mud guard,
water proof leather, chain detail (ideally mixed metal antique bronze and antique nickel),
heavy metal zip with twisted pull, and Astrakhan lining (dedicated to Matt!).

 This is probably why I don't own a snow boot after 4 years in NYC and college in MA, all the cool ones are in my head...


Inspired by Vanity Fair...

24 January 2011

UPDATE: Creature of Comfort... Who me?

Last week I did a post on an emergency (even though I had been eying them) footwear purchase. Turns out I should have bought them much earlier in the season. Despite, all the fab Gucci platforms and Alexander Wang booties I've purchased this season the Rag & Bone Newbury boots are absolutely the best shopping decision I've made, it was fate I wore those uncomfortable Prada ankle boots! 
Today was the first day I wore them all day, they totally exceeded all my expectations, hopes, and dreams; LOL! I wish I had something to do after work today besides makeup my missed morning workout, even though I probably could have worked out in them tonight they were so comfortable. Not only were they super practical and comfy but pretty darn cute too!

Mink and leather coat, vintage;
Black "Visionaire" jean, Joe's Jeans;
Black pebbled leather "Newbury" boot, Rag & Bone

Sneaker Pimp!

As I've said before, even though I'm on this new quest for dashing "all-day" footwear, I'm still not much of a sneaker girl. Nonetheless, as my mother always reminds me "change is the only constant," and I'm beginning to have yet another change of heart. While shopping for Spring development at work I've come across two really cute styles; both wedge sneakers. The first, an Isabel Marant style, I've posted in my "Transitional Must-haves" 

Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker $660USD available in
Black/blk, Black/white (shown), White/Yellow at Isabel Marant, Soho NYC
(I had to go try it on after last week's post and they are cute indeed and very comfy!)

and the other is this adorable See-by-Chloe...
See-by-Chloe leather/suede lace-up wedge sneaker  $345 available in
Beige and Navy at Saks.com, NeimanMarcus. com, Zappos Couture,
Net-a-Porter.com, Shopbop.com, and Iris Nyc (beige and exclusive colors)

For me however, both of these styles are heavy in the ankle area which is not the best look for my leg so... of course I've sketched my perfect wedge sneaker.

Platform, good wedge height, just right pitch, mix of suede and leather, and ankle strap to glam it up and accentuate my leg!

Black would be my ideal color but I had to make sure you could see all the details.

21 January 2011

Creature of Comfort... Who me???

I never thought I'd see the day, especially at 27, when comfort became a priority. Up until recently comfort was never really an issue for me, if the shoes were pretty the shoes came home. This city, over the last 4 years has definitely changed my heart but please notice I said comfort has become a priority it will NEVER --and you can quote me on that-- never --well maybe I should add a clause: never, until I need a hip replacement or something but hopefully I'll be in a position to make comfort fashion for my old self-- take priority over fashion!

So, this all came to a head yesterday. Here's the story...

 I headed out the door and off to the train , about an 8 minute walk,
pretty Prada booties which hadn't been worn in awhile.
I guess I had forgotten how uncomfortable they actually are at 4 1/2 inches
but I must have had some idea because I did something I never usually do...

I dropped these down in a shopping bag I was carrying with me.
These by the way, leather Yosi Samara foldable ballet flats $55- $65,
are the best little travel flats or under the desk life savers.
On with the story, I got to train feeling OK but wishing there was a seat available.
By the time I got to my transfer point at 14th street, which was just
two stops away, I was not a happy girl but thank God I had thrown these in my bag.
I changed right there on the platform!
They were fine to bum around in at the office but what about when I left?
My feet would be freezing and more importantly
I was meeting a girlfriend after work for some QT, dinner, and drinks.

That brings us to the Rag and Bone Newbury boots
I had to track down and go pick up after work. Not the same look as
when I left the house but they totally fit into my
personal style which, is kinda downtown, edgy. Obviously though, lots of
girls in the city have already learned the same lesson
I did today since only one store had these left in my size and color choice.
Still a substantial heel at 3 3/4 inches with a nicely
padded insole these are all day shoes. In these you'll never
catch me at the end of the day  limping to the train, with my
shoes off under the dinner table, or sitting down at a
social after work event but I will be fly and comfortable!
Funny thing is I just packed up the Prada's to send to my 60+ year old mom in Florida. She's a stunner of a High School English teacher who's kids come to class just to see what she has on her feet! Lol.

19 January 2011

Brainstorming... A/W11 the beginnings of S/S12

Outside of a desk full of magazines tears, there are few other things you can count on happening at my desk when I'm preparing to sketch for a new season at work: iTunes on blast with upbeat tunes, tons of open internet tabs of art sites, blogs, retail, trend, and I'm sketching other things besides work to get my mind going creatively. Sometimes these sketches are small thumb nails and others I go all out...

17 January 2011

My Transitional Must-haves!

You can see from the first few posts I love platforms and super high heels however, after a recent move back to Brooklyn I now have a slightly longer walk to the train than I'm used to in 4+ inch heels. Honestly, my feet just cannot handle it and neither can my shoes. So, since I haven't quite embraced the bigger bag --I carry a clutch nearly everyday-- and two pairs of shoes rule of so many NYC girls I've decided to find and incorporate more fabulous shoes with less than a 3 1/2 inch heel, that's my all-day-walk-ability threshold!

I love this mix of sugar and spice; I can still feel
aggressive and edgy and sweet and sexy
at the same time.
Valentino studded ankle wrap pump
Not much of a sneaker girl, I adore this
Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker!
Available at Isabel Marant 469 Broome St NYC
(photo credit: Garance Dore)

Ok, so this doesn't actually fit into my "shoe year's" resoltuion
but it's just ssoo darn cute! And I'll never completely
give up my huge platforms and high heels,
as long as there's still cabs and night time activities :-)
Christian Louboutin "Madame butterfly"

I actually own this style in black suede, it's absolutely amazing
so I had to post the leather version.
This open front lace-up sandal is one of the most comfortable
and functional shoes I own!
Ann Demeulemeester, Saks.com

This could be new best friend; my new everyday gem!
Alexander Wang "Ines" oxford, Barneys.com

Editor's note: So, I started this post earlier in the day and found myself so inspired by the mid-heeled styles I was finding that I head over to Saks to return some massively high Burberry shearling boots I recently purchased and had been milling over for a few days. As, I was waiting on my receipt I made a lap and happened upon these babies, comfortable yet super cute and just my style! 
Givenchy tassel and  fringe sandal in black suede w. back zip

Ode to a personal fav: Roger Vivier

16 January 2011


Inspiration: Spa time; tools and texture. Kid suede upper and
covered platform, sculptured heel.
(Def, needs a low heeled companion, 4 or 5 inches don't necessarily whisper Ohmmm.)

Observation deck...

Obviously I love platforms and high heels... Wood and metal platform
and heel w. leather upper and accordion elastic detail


Inspiration: Tom Binns cuff; Vogue 2010

Inspiration: Tube Bracelet

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