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21 January 2011

Creature of Comfort... Who me???

I never thought I'd see the day, especially at 27, when comfort became a priority. Up until recently comfort was never really an issue for me, if the shoes were pretty the shoes came home. This city, over the last 4 years has definitely changed my heart but please notice I said comfort has become a priority it will NEVER --and you can quote me on that-- never --well maybe I should add a clause: never, until I need a hip replacement or something but hopefully I'll be in a position to make comfort fashion for my old self-- take priority over fashion!

So, this all came to a head yesterday. Here's the story...

 I headed out the door and off to the train , about an 8 minute walk,
pretty Prada booties which hadn't been worn in awhile.
I guess I had forgotten how uncomfortable they actually are at 4 1/2 inches
but I must have had some idea because I did something I never usually do...

I dropped these down in a shopping bag I was carrying with me.
These by the way, leather Yosi Samara foldable ballet flats $55- $65,
are the best little travel flats or under the desk life savers.
On with the story, I got to train feeling OK but wishing there was a seat available.
By the time I got to my transfer point at 14th street, which was just
two stops away, I was not a happy girl but thank God I had thrown these in my bag.
I changed right there on the platform!
They were fine to bum around in at the office but what about when I left?
My feet would be freezing and more importantly
I was meeting a girlfriend after work for some QT, dinner, and drinks.

That brings us to the Rag and Bone Newbury boots
I had to track down and go pick up after work. Not the same look as
when I left the house but they totally fit into my
personal style which, is kinda downtown, edgy. Obviously though, lots of
girls in the city have already learned the same lesson
I did today since only one store had these left in my size and color choice.
Still a substantial heel at 3 3/4 inches with a nicely
padded insole these are all day shoes. In these you'll never
catch me at the end of the day  limping to the train, with my
shoes off under the dinner table, or sitting down at a
social after work event but I will be fly and comfortable!
Funny thing is I just packed up the Prada's to send to my 60+ year old mom in Florida. She's a stunner of a High School English teacher who's kids come to class just to see what she has on her feet! Lol.

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