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14 April 2012

Perfect Spring Sandal

Its a beautiful day in NYC and I'm finally getting to wear my new Alexander Wang sandals!! They've been in my closet for more than a month now and I'm super excited to have them on. In the short time they've been on my feet I know I bought then for all the right reasons. At less than 4 inches they are the perfect height for all day wear an this is the silhouette I adore in a sandal. From a recent post you know the straight band across the toes and an ankle strap are very near to my heart!! It's going to be a great day...

10 April 2012

Sad sad day in shoe land...

Could not wait to get over to Saks after work today to try on a beautiful pair of neon peep toe pumps! I was ├╝ber excited to play in all four colors pink, blue, yellow, and green even though I was leaning towards yellow or green. My roommate of impeccable taste who is prob the only person I can shop with even joined me for the event.
We got arrived headed directly for the Prada table and asked for all four size 40 bc from on the online reviews I already knew they ran small and in Prada I'm usually a 39 1/2. The sales person came back with every color in my size except the green which during the wait I had already somewhat decided was my favorite. After trying on the other 3 colors I was sure the green was the way I wanted to go. So I left instead empty handed resolved to head home and order both green and yellow online to play with at home in my closet. Sometimes though we just have to except when things just aren't meant to be! I am at home now and regrettably the green aren't available online. Sad sad day!!
Nonetheless I've come to the conclusion that neon orange would really have been perfect and that I am more than anything in love with the silhouette; the gorgeous lines, platform, and heel...

07 April 2012

The Ankle Strap

If I've never said it before the ankle strap is one of my absolutely favorite features both personally and in my designs.
Many of the shoes in my collection have ankle strap bc Its a silhouette that works for me very well. Because I am a big legged gal I think an ankle strap accentuates nicely the narrowness of my ankle. I also find it extremely sexy which is why I also sketch the detail often in my work.

Can we talk about it?: designer trainers

There's a def a sport trend going on right now but how do we feel about the true trainer from designers like Chanel and Alexander Wang?

White Hot

I usually do not care for white shoes but I'll take these wrapped in a pretty red bow!
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