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27 January 2011


A very good friend of mine sent me a link this morning to Rachel Zoe's blog her message was plainly "the bookends."

You can see why she thought of me!

It's funny these are so perfect for me not only because I simply LOVE shoes and have tons of well integrated shoe objects in my home but it reminds so much of how I got started in the shoes business. I was, the shoe girl on campus. That girl that kept her books stacked on her dorm room floor and her shoes on the bookshelves. That reputation on campus is how I was introduced to an Alumni who designed shoes and the rest is, well, history in the making...

Bookends found at Lunares Home $115 and $69 respectively.
(photos: LunaresHome.com)

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Jennifer A. Miller said...

How to explain , how pretty are the shoes with flounce. Really appreciable , worthy. Can't be ignored. Hopping to have a one just like this.
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