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10 February 2011

In Her Shoes... Celia L Smith

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a fashion editor and designer. I have a blog, a fraction of fashion and a sustainable fashion lifestyle brand, needle+thread, launching Fall 2012. Now tell us something random. I have 6 sisters and no brothers. Now, that's a fashion house for you. How would you describe your personal style? Free flowing. I love soft fabrics and indigenous pieces- there’s always a story behind them. If you were a shoe what kind would you be? These Fendi chiffon wrap platforms [Spring 2010], super delicate and feminine from afar but strongly detailed when you’re up close and personal.
Fendi chiffon wrap
platform sandals
 What’s your first or favorite shoe memory? When I was 15 years old my dad gave me money to go school shopping with my aunts at an outlet mall, there I found what I thought was an amazing buy; a classic pair of Gucci loafers with the horse bit for $150. So I called my sister to consult which is what I usually do and we both agreed it was a score! Unfortunately, my aunts didn't think so. Who’s your favorite footwear designer? Miuccia Prada. She's a true artist, consistently amazing with Prada and always out-of-the-box with Miu Miu. Heels, under 4 inches or above? Both, I've learned the hard way that you must be practical and 5 inches on cobblestone or walking around NYC pavement all day isn't. I've also come to appreciate a cute modest 3" heel. What’s the most you’ve paid for a single pair of shoes? I've never paid more than $200 for a shoe, and I'm talking well-made designer shoes. I'm a great bargain hunter, and an amazing deal always feels better than guilty pleasure. How much is too much? When you're debt outweighs your savings. I understand that for some having merely one pair is a simple luxury [see Toms shoes]. How many pairs of shoes do you own? About 50. I have limited space, so I have to recycle and give away before I can add anymore. I have enough sisters so they find a new home easily. Have you ever worn the same pair two or more days in a row? Absolutely. I've learn to do what makes me happy, and if wearing my favorite pair of shoes until they're worn out and require a visit to the cobbler [which I've been known to do] makes me happy, then that's exactly what I'll do. Socks with sandals, do or don’t? Yes, it's great for transitioning seasonal footwear. Where’s your favorite place(s) to shop for shoes? Currently eBay. What’s your ultimate shoe find or bargain? Navy crocodile Prada sandals on bamboo stilts, they're work of art. Sample sale find for $150, if I remember correctly. Red, yellow, blue, green or black? Red. I once tried on a pair of red suede platform ankle booties by Brian Atwood during a Saks sale, but had to part with them. They left a lasting impression. Describe your perfect pump? My platform Miu Miu's. They’re super non-conventional and really comfortable. I call them my George Jetson shoes; they're navy and black pointed platforms with a sculpted heel that look like stacked cones. 
Celia's fav Miu Miu pumps
Suno platforms
Traveling for a week how many pairs do you pack? 3-4. Tell us about your most treasured pair? Currently my black and white cap-toe Chanel pumps. They're classic Chanel without any logo or label, but you’ll definitely know exactly what they are. They speak for themselves. Chocolate, shoes, or sex? Chocolate. Flourless chocolate cake to be exact. Anyone who knows me best knows I'm a foodie. I can live without the other two. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and what shoes would you be wearing? On the beach, next to an ocean, wearing Suno's new shoe line of sky high platforms made in Kenya using native fabrics; my feet up on a beach chair of course, and not sinking in the sand. 
A few of Celia's favs and other ultimate finds...
Baby blue suede Manolo Blahnik bow pumps.
First shoe sample sale purchase.

Christian Louboutin lace sling backs and
Kate Spade mules.

DKNY colorful heeled sneakers.

Givenchy, bought these for
dirt cheap from a
woman selling her belongings
on the street in Soho, 25 bucks.
Christian Louboutin orange patent leather pumps
with mirrored heels.

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