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19 March 2012

Its getting warmer out and I've got two things on my mind! The first, opening up my footwear and the second getting my toesies ready for sandal season!

You know I love heels but I am surely developing a great appreciation for cutesy ballet flats and my favorite place to shop for them has become Zara! I just can't bring myself to spend 400 bucks or more on Lanvin flats or those super cute Chloe ballets with elastic straps I've been eyeing for two seasons because they tear up so easily if they're really low profile but l can and I will spend $89.99 or less on ultra adorable flats like these blush leather ones with gold stud work. And yes I said leather!! Leather upper and leather lining which makes them breathable, soft, and nicer to your feet.
Speaking of foot health when is the last time, if ever, that you visited a podiatrist?? I took my first trip last week and couldn't be happier. Since I'm in get ready for summer mode I recently made the mistake of using an over the counter callus and corn remove. Embarrassing to say? Yes. We all want beautiful feet all the time but what can I say it happens especially walking around in the city in my high heels. However, Readers, heed MY WARNING: DO NOT GO THIS ROUTE! Those over the counter remedies are not the way to go. They contain acid and WILL ruin your feet more than you can imagine. I thought I had scared myself for life until a co-worker who recently injured her foot recommended I have her podiatrist look at it! I made an appointment for the very next day and readers I tell you it might be the best move I've made in awhile!  One, they give a way better pedicure than your favorite mani/pedi spot-- if only I could an iPad and hot stone foot massage like my fav place TenOverTen-- because the podiatrist of course has their hands on the good goods, medical grade tools. Two, in addition to an amazing pedi situation you can also have a chemical peel done.  If you're wondering why my feet are peeling in this picture it's not because I've been basking in the sun on some gloriously beach, even though i wish i had been, it's because I had the chemical peel done on my feet during my visit to Dr. Hillary Brenner. After my pedicure it took five minutes or so and cost me about $60. I love it! It totally rectified the damage I'd done with the at-home Dr. Scholls pads and my feet are getting softer than they have been in a very long time. If you haven't ever been like myself, you must!!

Let me know in the comments section how you prepare for summer and be sure to leave some product and shopping tips for other readers.
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