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14 December 2013

Welcome to jobandtalent.com!


At jobandtalent we have created the first platform that helps find the jobs that are right for you.

We know that there are thousands of jobs out there that could be great for you, however you don´t have time to look for them.We will match your experience and update you every time we find the job that you have been waiting for

What's next?

  • Complete your professional profile so we can get to know you a little better
  • Check our job suggestions and apply to ones you love
  • Let us know if our suggestions aren't right, we will always strive to improve!

Get connected - Connect your account with Facebook and you will discover if you have friends who have worked at the companies you are interested in. Use your connections to get inside information and valuable referrals.

And don´t worry! We won´t show any of your Facebook information to companies or your friends, it's just about helping you

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